Shelbyville is a quiet, small town with both a focus on family and entrepreneurship.

Neighborhood Keywords

Off the Beaten Path Country Life Horses Quiet & Serene
The Neighborhood

A rural small town with a thriving business climate.

The Lifestyle

Quiet and laid-back, with a focus on family.

The Market

Dominated by farms and single-family homes.

Known for

Tennessee Walking Horses.

What Not to Expect

Condos, townhomes, or many multi-family units.

You'll Fall in Love With

The beautiful scenery and quaint town square.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Neighborhood

Centered in Bedford County, a rural county directly south of Rutherford County and 50 miles outside of Nashville, Shelbyville is a small town known as the Walking Horse Capital of the World. With a favorable business climate and a quaint town square, it has drawn entrepreneurs from both small and large businesses for decades.

The Market

Beautiful farmhouses dot the rolling hills and ranches on quiet streets with sprawling yards make up the most of the market in Shelbyville. You won't find much large scale development or multi family units in the area, but single-family homes are more affordable here than in many parts of Middle Tennessee.

The Lifestyle

With a focus on family, farming, and 4H, Shelbyville offers a quiet, rural lifestyle just a few miles from Murfreesboro. It features many of your favorite chain stores and restaurants, but venture to the town square and you'll be pleased to find locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops, and stores, plus a movie theater with a classic, glowing marquee.

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