Welcome to GALLATIN

Gallatin, Tennessee is located about 35 minutes northeast of Nashville in Sumner County. Home to the Historic Palace Theatre and Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin is one of the most sought-after places to live in the county.

Neighborhood Keywords

Parks & Recreation Historic Colleges Tight-Knit Community
The Neighborhood

A suburb of Nashville located next the Cumberland River.

The Lifestyle

A small, established suburb with a simple lifestyle.

The Market

Single-family homes dominate the market.

Known for

Historic Palace Theater and Volunteer State Community College.

What Not to Expect

Nightlife, high-rises, or an expensive cost of living.

You'll Fall in Love With

The safe environment, outstanding school system, and strong sense of community.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Neighborhood

Gallatin is one of the most popular choices to reside in Sumner County. Settled northeast of Davidson County and just outside Hendersonville, it's a great option for locals looking for established small town living without giving up all the amenities of a larger city.

The Market

Single-family homes dominate the market and have continued to be the ongoing trend.

The Lifestyle

Being located next to the Cumberland River and having access to Old Hickory Lake, while also still having many shopping and restaurant options is what makes Gallatin a preferred place to reside in Sumner County. Locals love spending their time outdoors on the water, watching silent movies at the Historic Palace Theatre, and participating in local events like the Fire on the Water Music Festival. Being the home of Volunteer State Community College and so many recreational options, Gallatin is a great place to raise a family in a small town setting.

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